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EHG manufactures and distributes HVAC products, including round and oval ductwork. Our products are notable for their high quality and ease of assembly. Portsmouth, Virginia serves as manufacturing headquarters and distribution hub.

EHG is a division of Linx Industries.

2600 Airline Boulevard
Portsmouth, Virginia 23701
Phone: (877) 482-2344 Fax: (757) 488-4502

Our Mission

  • We Want You To Ask For Us

    At EHG, our mission is to simplify construction and improve indoor climate of both residential and commercial buildings. We strive to be your preferred air distribution provider. Ask for EHG!

  • Union Proud

    EHG is a proud SMWIA partner and offers the market yellow label quality products. Follow Linx Industries on Facebook and Instagram for an inside look at our factory floor and EHG/Linx projects.

  • Look Up

    Our ductwork and registers can be found in swimming complexes, laboratories, grocery stores, schools and police stations. You can even find it underground! We have collaborated on many high profile construction projects across North America.

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Main Phone Number: (877) 482-2344
Main Fax Number: (757) 488-4502

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2600 Airline Boulevard, Portsmouth, VA 23701

Telephone: (877) 482-2344

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