ProCoat Duct Systems

○ single or double wall construction
○ gasketed or nongasketed connections
○ round and oval construction up to 60″ diameter
○ coating 4 mils
○ meet or exceed 3,000 hour salt spray test per ASTM B117-97
○ consistent in color and quality
○ ductwork can be fabricated using standard welding methods
○ superior chemical resistance characteristics over precoated sheet metal alternatives


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EHG brings ProCoat™ products to the market as an alternative to PVC, PDS, PCD, and other precoated steel products. ProCoat is a “baked on” powder coated system applied to the outer shell of the HVAC air duct system. The primer coat is a zinc-rich epoxy. The polyester top coat protects the base coat and adds a clean glossy finish.

The coating exhibits superior chemical resistance characteristics over precoated sheet metal alternatives. In addition, ProCoat Plus ductwork can be fabricated using industry standard welding methods, adding quality while maintaining aesthetic appearance and corrosion resistance.

“As a manufacturer, our goal is to systematically reduce energy waste and increase performance while providing the finest quality of ductwork. With ProCoat Plus, engineers will find the product dynamic and consistent…perhaps something that is missing when ductwork is painted at the jobsite or fabricated from precoated sheet metal.” said Dave Shaeffer, EHG’s president.

ProCoat gives clients the freedom to choose the precise hue required for the project. Standard stock colors are blue, gray, dark green, white, red, orange, and black. Custom colors can be successfully matched using the RAL color matching system.

coated blue

coated gray

coated green

coated white

coated red

coated orange

coated black

Orders are shipped with care. The powder coating creates a hard shell barrier that is not easily scratched. However, in case of damage, touch-up paint is provided at the time of delivery.

ProCoat is available in both single and double wall construction. Clients can choose to use self-sealing or nongasketed connections.

For underground and more corrosive environments, try ProCoat Plus™. It uses the same science behind ProCoat, but is applied to both the inside and outside of the ductwork for increased protection. Common applications include laboratories, pools, and similar corrosive environments. ProCoat Plus is white in color, however, desired RAL colors can be specified and even custom matched.

no paint duct

custom coated ductwork

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