Industrial Solutions

Ductwork for Industrial Applications

Our industrial specialists provide the right ductwork for industrial applications. Custom built, our industrial duct and fittings are designed in accordance with SMACNA’s Round Industrial Duct Construction Standards for system pressures ranging from -30 to +50 iwg. For more about our construction capabilities and craftsmanship, download the Industrial Catalog. Below is a listing of common industrial specifications we offer.

Industrial Overview

• Heavy Gauge Construction
• Longitudinally-welded Duct
• Coatings Available
• Corrosion Resistance
• Antimicrobial Applications
• Galvanized Steel
• Black Iron
• Aluminized Steel
• Paint-grip Galvanized
• Epoxy and PVC Coated Steel
• Antimicrobial Coated Steel and/or Fabric (DW only)
• Type 3003 Aluminum
• Type 304 and 316 Stainless Steel
• High-temp Silicone Gasket Connection

Dust Collection

Ductwork for dust and other fine particulate collection. Transfer components are joined easily with a gasketed tension clamp. It’s disassembled just as easily! Cleaning and inspection is simple with EHG Dust Collection. In fact, these parts can be relocated and reused if necessary.

The duct system is suitable for:
• Particle transportation from woodworking, such as saw mills, carpenters, furniture manufacturers and craft workshops
• Comfort ventilation
• Extraction systems for better working environment
• Plasma cutters
• Specially designed ventilation plants where you have extra demands for form, color and appearance.

Dust Collection Catalog
Dust Collection Specifications

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