NEW: Enhanced Project Management Service

To add a valuable service for you and your customer, we are now making available detailed drawings that can be utilized for project coordination.

For many years we have provided assembly drawings in a 2-D (*.pdf) format to simplify installation and improve clarity (as to what materials are required to complete a given project). With more and more projects incorporating 3-D coordination drawings, we see installers forced to either using their own detailing resources to generate in-house drawings or even going so far as to hire an outside detailing service to address this project requirement.

As a value-added service available on projects being produced and supplied by EHG, we are now able to provide your installers 3-D AutoCAD files (provided in a *.DWG format). These files can be inserted as a round/oval ‘ductwork layer’ in the coordination process. Contact your project manager for additional details and to take advantage of this new service.

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